I always feel happy do you know why?


I always feel happy do you know why?

I always feel happy, do you know why?

Because I don’t expect anything from anyone; waiting always hurts.
The problems are not eternal, they always have a solution, the only thing that has no remedy is death.
Don’t let anyone insult you, humiliate you, or lower your self-esteem.
Screams are the tool of cowards, of those who don’t think.
We will always meet people who find us guilty of their troubles, and everyone gets what they deserve.
We must be strong and rise from the falls that life puts us, to remind us that after the dark tunnel full of solitude, very good things come “There is no evil that does not pass to good”.
For this you enjoy life because it is very short, for this love it, be happy and always smile, live only intensely for yourself and through yourself, remember:
Before discussing, Breathe Before speaking,
Listen Before criticizing,
Tested Before Writing,
Think before you hurt,
Listen before you give up,
Try Before you die, Live !!
The best relationship is not the one with a perfect person, but the one in which each individual learns to live, with the defects of the other and admiring his qualities.
Whoever does not value what he has, will complain one day for losing it and whoever hurts one day will receive what he deserves.
If you want to be happy, make someone happy, if you want to receive, Pensieri gives a little about yourself, surround yourself with good people and be one of them.
Remember, sometimes when you least expect it there will be those who will make you live beautiful experiences!
Never ruin your present for a past that has no future.
A strong person knows how to keep his life in order.
Even with tears in his eyes, he adjusts himself to say with a smile, “I’m fine.”

William Shakespeare

I always feel happy, do you know why?

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