Important promises that every woman must make to herself

important promisesImportant promises that every woman must make to herself I promise to believe in myself and enhance myself as a unique and special person.

I promise to love myself without being criticized if I don’t look like the ideal woman of my imagination. I promise not to exchange a passionate and creative life for a safe life but under anesthesia. I promise to love, but without letting myself be sliced, without letting me insert sharp knives into my soul. I promise to cry when needed, without drowning in my tears. I promise that I will stop justifying myself for everything I do, always feeling unsure of my choices. I promise to open my arms wide with pleasure, without thinking that I don’t deserve it. I promise not to break my guilt back if I’m not always useful to everyone and everything. I promise to make my reasons heard, without falling into the traps that break my legs. I promise to interest myself in a man without waiting desperately in front of the phone for his call. I promise not to use words like a razor against myself anymore, filling myself with cuts, without remembering that under that skin there is a person who deserves love. I promise to look at my scars as signs of a life lived, without crying tears of self-pity. I promise that I will not make my value depend only on how the other looks at me, without considering that there is a set of aspects within me, not just one of that moment. I promise to laugh, joke, rejoice by throwing sad and gray faces into the rubbish bin. I promise to feel my creative pulse, without letting everyday life make me cold and automatic.

I promise that I will stop being the relentless referee of myself, always losing myself, without considering that I also have qualities. I promise not to abandon my instinctual, intuitive and warm nature to transform myself into a lifeless automaton. I promise to stop being changed by men or to change to keep them close, without considering that I could be interesting even as I am. I promise to feed my inner soil every day, without letting it become dry land, where nothing grows anymore. I promise to run free, true to my deep nature. I promise to listen to the female voice and sing a song together. I promise to be the woman I want to be, to live life intensely. I promise to always live my soul … because with his help I will be able to keep all these promises …


Important promise

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